reduce, recycle, relive............

Who We Are......

I studied fine art in college and have been designing for over 15+ years; but as a single mom my sole focus was raising my son. Now that he is a young man, Ive decided to follow my dreams...... I hope that this will also bring happiness to those around me.. 

My mission is to develop a balance in my life and others, by 
decreasing our carbon footprint while using recyclable materials to create beautiful upcycled art. 

Growing up I didn't have fancy materialistic things. I made use of what we had and what Mother nature provided. Therefore, because of this, I learned to be extremely resourceful and focus on what I wanted and not what I didn't have. That was the start of my creative life........................

Why Us?

What makes my creations different from others? I use items that people don't want anymore or would normally be tossed away Eventually theses things end up in a landfill or who knows where else. (See the related videos below.)

My main goal of reincARTnated* is to help save the community, landfills and so much more by living greener. 

You have heard it before "One mans trash is another persons treasure." I believe that almost everything can be made into something beautiful and that it is just a pearl in an oyster, waiting to be discovered.  Let me show you how I breath new life into otherwise defunct items.

Check out videos below: 
#1-Where does our trash go?       #2-What and how to recycle.