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Picasso's to Gogh

 Find me @ a bar or restaurant in your area!!! 

reincARTnated presents: "Picasso's to Gogh" 

Picasso's to Gogh is an on the go paint party. I am a local artist 

that will travel to you for a private event. 

I also have numerous bars and restaurants throughout Ventura and LA County that I am collaborating with to bring the party to your favorite venues. It is a GREAT way to get out, meet new people, 

eat & drink - WHILE having fun being creative. 

I supply all the required materials, set up and clean up; 

all YOU have to do is come & enjoy! 

CANCELED: APRIL 30TH, 2016: Santa Paula "Lighthouse"

SERIES Mini paintings: birds & trees....

SERIES Mini paintings: mandalas 

SERIES Mini paintings: sea & ocean